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Sunday, July 10, 2011

How to Video chat on Facebook

In a bid to compete with the 10-user video chat facility in "Hangout" section of Google+, Facebook and Skype have partnered to create a new in-browser video chat application. Facebook began rolling out the software on July 6, 2011. As of right now, the easiest way to gain access to Facebook Video Call is to ask one of your friends who has access to call you. In the upcoming weeks, all 750 million users on Facebook should have access to the software.

1. Ask a friend who has Facebook video chatting capabilities to make a video call to you. When you get the call, click the "Set up Video Calling" button.

2. You will be prompted to install the Facebook Video Call plugin. Follow the instructions provided by Facebook for one of the two installation processes:
Alternatively, Facebook will complete the installation in browser.

  1. 3. After it installs, you will complete the call with your friend. Ask your friend to answer your call. You will need to video call with your friend for at least a few seconds before you are able to make calls to other people.

    • Facebook will ask for permission before starting the call. Click "Start Video Call" to accept.

      4. Call your other friends! There should be a video button at the top of each chat window. Click it to call them. If they do not answer, you can leave a video message for them to watch later


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