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Saturday, July 23, 2011

How to get a Google Adsense account Approved

Now a days Getting a Google Adsense account approval is very very difficult. Because the people are not understanding the basic things and they are trying to get an account approval from Google adsense.

1. Create a Blog or a website.

2. Upload genuine content.

3. Upload more and more relevant content.

4. Submit your web page URL to search engines.

5. Create an account with Google analytics and Google webmasters.

6. Link your websites with the Analytics and Webmasters account.

7. Optimize your web page.

8. Ensure the Quality of the content of your web site.

9. Wait for at least 6 months and during that time increase the traffic to your web site.

10. Once you have completed the above steps and satisfied them, Now apply for a Google adsense account.

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1 comment:

  1. Absolutely true... Most people are too hurry to get an AdSense accounts. So they request accounts as soon as they made a blog without posting more posts or waiting for 6 months. The ultimate result is a failure.

    Once you get failed it is very difficult to join with adsense again. So first complete your tasks before you apply. You can get a Good idea from this article above.

    Happy blogging