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Monday, July 11, 2011

How to Sign up for Google+

1. Get an invite from a friend or request a spot on the waiting list. Go to the google plus home page and fill out your information, then click join.

  • As of right now, Google Plus is still in trial mode. You currently need an invitation to join. Even with an invitation, Google is occasionally not letting people sign up due to a limited capacity. Click the Keep Me Posted button and fill out your first name and e-mail address to add yourself to the waiting list. Google will then let you know as soon as Google+ goes public.
As of right now, Google Plus is still in trial mode.

2. Enter your name and select a profile picture to get started. You will be immediately taken to your Google+ account.

3. You can access your Google+ account at any time by going to the Google+ page. You will be prompted to log in using your Google account if you aren’t already. Note: Your Google account is the same account used for any Gmail service including Gmail, Picasa, Docs, etc.

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